Month: June 2007

No God at All

The last full day here at the Gulf and then back to Birmingham. It’s been a great time to reconnect with the priorities of life. My prayer is that this connection is reflected in my daily walk…that the pursuit of holiness becomes paramount and minutia becomes just that. Do you pursue holiness in your life? …

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A few gathered together today in the Clearwater prayer room at 5:30AM to begin their Thursday by crying out to the God they love….worshipping His name, seeking His face…His renown…asking Him for Him so they can receive their portion of understanding…of connection to His plan…His story. I love hearing of these moments because I know …

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One Purpose

Together as one, the Clearwater family is treasuring God’s Word in our hearts. These have completed week one of the memorization process…amazing…one Lord…one body…one purpose…all for the glory of one Name! chrisharrisjeffhueysethhambytommyrayrusshydechrisdunnsharihydekathyharrisbryantnailebrittanycaseybarryrhearhondagrossjimmypalmerpatsywinksbeargrosstimmylawsontreygarrettbenwyrosdicksarananwyrosdicksusannewoodwendykendalltimhammmichaelcaddellabbymacmillantinaosbornkristinetoonechrissysneadamberhueyallisongreenehollymcelwainbethhambystephiebasshamjeffjilesandicreasmantinajilesandrewhydetaylorhydefrancieharrissarahhydejonathanaxworthymichaeljohnharriszackcaseydavidhilllisacrenshawjessicaaxworthylaurennailesharonrogers

Choosing the good part.

Planting is hard work. There’s the digging of the hole and the careful placing of the seed or seedling…lots of watering (at the beginning especially). Some plants don’t grow in certain soils. Some grow quickly and entail consistent pruning, weeding, and spraying with pesticides. Of course I know nothing of gardening or farming. I was …

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So We Can Believe

When Jesus appeared to the disciples in the room after His ressurection. They were all astonished that He came and “stood among them”. A sense of horror filled each disciple which would have been an appropriate response to what they were witnessing. But in His mercy, Jesus invited them to touch Him, so they could …

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Nothing on Earth

The Word of God is “living and active”. Wow! Wrap your thoughts around that one. I can’t help but smile when I drift back in my mind to just a few days ago as I read that Hebrews 4 passage to my youngest daughter. The look on her face exposed a less-than-comfortable reaction to this …

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