It’s after midnight, and I’m sitting here in a really comfortable chair listening to the crickets sing their night-song and thinking about how wonderful it is to be able to do this…live life, I mean. Today, Kathy and I went to a huge waterfall…massive amounts of water have been cutting into the sides of this canyon for years. You could see time’s affect on the basin…how the walls of the ravine had formed this gorgeous chasm that stunned me with its depth…and width…and breathtaking beauty. It was quite a sight. It would’ve been cooler, though if there had actually been some water pouring over the falls…not today. This drought that has a stranglehold on the southeastern part of the country saw to it that only a small trickle reminded the 6 or 7 onlookers of the times the falls flex their muscles and demonstrate the power millions of gallons of water have when it’s all flowing at once. To see its beauty…hear its thunderous applause to its Creator echoing through the gully. It makes you glad to be alive…at least I imagine it does. That’s all I can do on this visit. Today there’s only stifling heat that seems to mock those of us overlooking this gorge in the sweltering three-digit temps. But it’ll flow again…not the first time this has happened…droughts come and go. That’s how it is in life as well…sometimes gushing…sometimes dry as a bone. I don’t know about you, but I find my God there in the midst of every situation…good ones and misunderstood ones…parched and plentiful…flowing and fleeting. He never fails me…faithfully loves me…molds me…shapes me…like a waterfall forming a canyon. The falls today were a picture of how we feel after yesterday’s news. But we had a good day still. Much to be thankful for…so much. Mainly His presence that surrounds…encompasses…floods..replenishes. Speaking of replenish, He spoke to me today through a few who responded to last night’s post. Kathy and I soaked in and cherished every word. I don’t offer published comments in return because I think it would be unwise to do so, but let me take a second to respond…We thank God for you…so grateful for you…today…you were our waterfall.