Month: November 2007

Before I Die?

Recently I heard a believer friend of mine name a few beautiful locations on this earth. Then they said something I found odd. They said, “I hope I get to visit those places before I die.” Here’s my question…why did they say, “before I die”? What is it about death that makes them think they …

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The Holy Spirit

It seems the Holy Spirit has been relegated to the charismatic church down the road lately. When it comes to our thinking about God, I’m afraid He’s a distant third nowadays and even surprisingly referred to in the generic term “it”…as in “Lord let your Holy Spirit fall on this room and let “it” transform …

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An excerpt from Sunday’s message: Matthew 14:22-32. One thing about a drought…the sky is always blue. It’s in times like these that make me crave the rains. Sometimes they come in the form of storms…and in life, storms seem to be a constant…but so are the promises of the Father…to always love…always give…always be…never leaving …

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