When Families Gather

Thanksgiving has come and gone and the time with family was wonderful. There were new experiences for us this year…we hosted it at our house. I never knew how nerve racking that can be. The turkey alone is enough to cause deep seated anxiety. What if you burn it? Far worse what if you don’t cook it enough and somebody gets sick. Poultry’s always touch and go when it comes to these kind of things and it can have long-term implications. You know, it’s funny…having guests in your home is one thing, but when its the people you grew up with…that’s a whole new level of intensity! So many troubling thoughts… concerns… fears. It went well, I think.

But it does make me wonder…why is it that around our family…those who have known us the longest…seen us in more life experiences…our worst…our best…the highs and lows…why do we at times feel most vulnerable in their presence? Why is it more difficult to talk with them about certain things that really matter to us? Is it just me, or do you find it difficult as well? Do you already know what mom would say if you brought up politics…or pets…the ramifications of frying a turkey as opposed to baking one…injecting or basting..or heaven forbid you prefer a Honey-baked ham! Can you predict your father’s reaction to a religious view that differs from his own or his opinions on foreign made automobiles as opposed to american built?

What about Jesus? Is there a brother or sister that just wouldn’t respond well to the topic? Opinions have formed…positions have been taken…the sediment of certain attitudes can make healthy conversation or even debate something to be avoided at such gatherings. But He’s there in the midst of our families…quirks and all…binding us…holding us…keeping us. I give thanks for a God Who sent His Son to die for all of us…thankful for my wonderful family…and pray each one comes to know Him intimately as He reveals Himself to each of them.

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