Month: August 2008

Life Sentence

Read Genesis Chapter 5. I want to show you something that might shed some light on just how much God loves you. It’s where we find the genealogy from Adam to Noah…that’s it…nothing else…pretty boring, huh? Watch this. Each name has a meaning and they are as follows Adam means “man”; Seth means “appointed”; Enosh …

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As we get set to begin the “God of This City” series and prepare to explore the truths that are richly embedded in the fabric of each of the seven locations of the churches of Asia Minor I want to invite you to read Revelation (not “Revelations”) chapters 1-3. Take yourself back to this “East …

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Here they are: 1. 1. No other gods 2. No graven images 3. No frivolous use of His name 4. Keep the Sabbath 5. Honor mom and dad 6. Don’t kill people 7. Don’t commit adultery 8. Don’t steal things 9. Don’t lie 10 Don’t want what others have 2. Psalm 118:8 – “It’s better …

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