Month: January 2009


How does it happen? How does God continually amaze when you know He is amazing…infinitely amazing…you preach about His amazing-ness. It seems that at some point it would get old…predictable…been there, done that…but it never does. Prepare for corporate worship as you may, He will do something that blows you away. The smile of a …

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“Whooshing” sound is full throttle now. All is quiet as she rests and I write. So far no big news to share. Willow has a mind of her own, but today is her birthday so I’m gonna let her slide. The quiet gives me time to take in my sterile, birthing suite surroundings and think …

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You know you wait nine months for this event and all of a sudden it is upon you. How in the world could I be frantically getting ready…not like this is the first time…yet it all seems so new. A different season of life…more experience…more resources, makes all of this fresh…exciting for so many new …

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