Month: March 2009

Final Day

Thursday was deemed “Willow Day” She preferred a day to rest and not have nap interrupted to be moved from car seat to stroller every half hour or so. We stayed home and relaxed. Then Friday we finished off the Spring Break ’09 excursion. Here is the final riddle. More than a hundred miles to …

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A street and bridge to wishing wellsAnd gondolas and carousels We’ll see the sights and eat a whileAll such delights will make you smile We’ll take off to some far off landsA place that’s central to commands So 3,2,1 now here we goBefore it’s done you’re sure to know That time and space will keep …

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I’ve enjoyed hearing from some who have spent a little quality time of their own with the fam. The time we invest moves us toward the heart of the Almighty: Tuesday: Could it be? Could lightning strike twiceIn the exact same place, boy that would be nice And roaming around where the wild things areWherever …

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I think the most significant thing I can do with my day is to help people make a big deal out of Jesus…all day…everyday. When I pray, I pray for people to see Christ as He really is…not based on what they have been told, but based on how He reveals Himself through His creation …

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….funny thing happened when I got home from the office today…the garage door was open…what are we trying to do…heat the neighborhood?

Good Question

Perception is rarely reality. Seldom is a circumstance as bad as it seems in the midst of the moment. I have often found in my daily life that…and here I risk sounding like one of those self-help gurus…my outlook is determined by my input. What I mean is that maybe there is a voice that …

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