Spreading the Gospel in The Midst of Pain

Everywhere we turn, there is pain in our world. Most recently a shooting at a baseball practice has underscored the deep divide that exists in our nation and has brought to the forefront the agonizing reality that many are filled with so much hate and animosity toward those that do not view the world as they do, that they are willing resort to drastic means to make their point. Even if making that point means the end of their lives on this earth Now, we can certainly make our own political stand and shout with clinched fist “What is wrong with this world?” but the truth is simple. It is a world that needs to know the hope found only in the Person of Jesus Christ.

That is all well and good, but to be honest, their are many who are experiencing their own painful issues. Health issues, financial issues, relationship issues that deter us from the call of Christ to tell the world about salvation through Him. Paul reminds us that even when we are experiencing great challenges in life we can still tell people about Jesus. He says to the Philippians that his imprisonment actually “served to advance the gospel” (Phil 1:12). So, in fact, our pain can even increase our effectiveness for proclaiming the good news. Adversity can become a bullhorn for our love for Jesus and change the hearts and minds of those who need to know that there is hope in a fallen and darkened world.

Let us pray for each other that while we may view our painful circumstances as a roadblock, it just may be that it is the pavement by which the gospel can travel to those who need it most.

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