Ever have one of those awkward party moments? My beautiful first-grade daughter overheard an inappropriate joke shared on the bus on her way home from school the other day. Imagine our surprise when she innocently tried it out on us at the dinner table last night…its always good to have dinner guests over to increase the awkwardness. Her brother had told a knock-knock joke that’s probably only funny to 4 year-olds but we all laughed as though we got it (Who’s there?…orange…orange who? aren’t you glad we’re not having oranges for dinner…hahahahahaha). This of course triggered in her mind her own little comedic brainteaser…and she says it…out loud…in front of everybody!

Finally as the conversation turned away from her “attention-grabbing” social faux pas, I leaned close to her and tried to explain why I didn’t want her sharing that one with her small group…you know…pastor’s daughter and all…I don’t think she got my gentle message and tears welled up in her eyes when she thought she might be in trouble…no baby…no trouble…we’ll talk about it later…go put on your PJs. 

It’s just a glaring reminder that there are things out there in a fallen world that I can’t protect her (or any of my children) from. They’ll see and hear things that fly in the face of everything we stand for…things that drag the name of Jesus through the mud…that question the moral values we cherish and are instilling within their hearts. it’s enough to drive a parent to their knees…but do I really need a reason to be there?

Being a father is one of the greatest privileges and callings of my life (second only to being a husband). I want to pray for the minds of my children to be so saturated in the Word of God that when the enemy tries to steal their joy of experiencing the things that glorify the Father they run to Him with a passion. And when the day comes that they have their own little joke-tellers…they’ll find themselves kneeling…in the presence of the King.

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