What To Do When You’re Between a Rock and a Hard Place?

The single most epic moment in all of history is, of course, that amazing scene at the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea on the day Jesus arose. In fact it splits history. As Jesus’ body hung on the cross of Calvary, suspended between heaven and earth verything that happened before and everything that happened afterwards. You probably remember a lot of things that you were taught about that particular day. A tomb and a big stone…n earthquake…an angel showed up…soldiers were comatose. But what I wanted to draw your attention to were the three ladies headed to the tomb that morning.

Of course we know what happened which puts us at an advantage over the big rock but suppose we were to walk in the shoes of one of those three ladies that headed to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body (believing that He was still dead of course)? There may be one interesting point that many have overlooked but speaks to us so loudly throughout our lives. First of all, These ladies felt incredible passionate about anointing Jesus with spices. Sometimes in life it is not about what we think should be done or even could be done. It is about what MUST be done and this was one of those times. Secondly, There was one rather large obstacle that stood (quite literally) between Jesus’ body and these ladies with the spices. The stone covering the entrance to the tomb was not going anywhere.

If they were going to anoint His body, they were also going to have to remove that rock. How do you suppose they were going to accomplish this? From what Mark 16:3 tells us, they didn’t know either. They discussed this very issue as they were on their way to the tomb. Now, since they did not know then what we know now, it makes their early morning actions all the more impressive. I believe we can learn much from this part of the story, so let me make a few observations here:

1. Knowing there was a stone didn’t stop them from doing what they needed to do. Even though there was an insurmountable obstacle that would prevent them from doing what they knew needed to be done, they went anyway. Many times in life you know what must be done. However, because of a known obstruction that stands between us and the task at hand, many times we give up before we even get started. Giants did not stop Joshua and Caleb (or David come to think of it) and they do not stop God. You have heard it before and I will say it again; God will make a way, when there seems to be no way. Just go!

2. Being strong enough or smart enough

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