Who we are

our mission, our vision, our initiatives

Our Mission

At Liberty Hill, we are finding freedom in experiencing God’s love. This means we are on mission together to worship an awesome God, and share His love with those around us.

This mission is best expressed in our Vision and Core Values

Our vision

Our vision is a simple one. We desire to win the lost to Christ. Grow them in their faith, and send them out to win others. We believe the church should be mobile, so our aim is to answer Jesus’ clear call to GO.

Our vision is simply to be the church. This means we love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength and care for one another, encourage and exhort one another and lift each other up in prayer.

Our Core Values

At LHBC we are committed to six primary initiatives:

  • Come, and see what God is doing
  • Connect, in relationship with God and the people of LHBC
  • Grow, in your relationships with God and with others
  • Give, as you harness your resources to the church’s mission
  • Serve, both in the church and with the church in the community
  • Go, into all the world to preach the gospel


The History of Liberty Hill Baptist Church:

According to associational records, on June 25, 1841, a Liberty Church was instituted in Henry County with 15 members. Rev. T. Phillips was the pastor. Other records show that Liberty Hill Baptist Church was organized in 1845 with about 98 members, Rev. T. Phillips being the pastor.

Originally Baptist, Methodist and Episcopal Protestants met together in a small log church called a Union Church. Reasons for this may have been the remoteness of the area and fear of Indian Problems.

In about 1853 the churches disbanded, and each built their own church. The Baptist retained the name Liberty Hill while the others built their church near the old cemetery called White Mountain. This name was later changed to Mt. Carmel.

The first delegates to the association from Liberty Hill were B. Crabb and J.W. Langford in 1843. In 1844 delegates were L. White and J.T. Bently, and in 1845 the church was represented by J.T. Bently and J.W. Langford. In 1857 the records show that Liberty Hill had 48 white members and 11 black members. On September 27, 1862, the Flint River Associational Meeting was held at Liberty Hill. The message was brought by J.T. Whitaker and A.L. Moncrief. These men were undoubtedly ministers, but they were not listed as such in the records. This is the first recorded associational meeting held at Liberty Hill Baptist Church. It is also recorded that Liberty Hill gave $10.00 to Indian missions in 1862. In 1885, $2.75 was given to Indians missions. In 1886, $4.35 was given to Indian missions.

The Church began its first Sunday School in 1889. The first Sunday School Superintendent was G.W. Wood. As far back as 1872, Liberty Hill was recorded holding four services a month. In 1896 the building which was the old sanctuary was built of wood material. It consisted of one room with a seating capacity of 400. The building and land were valued at $1000.00. Offering reported to the Flint River Association in 1901 included Foreign Missions $1.76, Orphans Home $1.25, and Indigent Ministers $2.40.

In 1903 a Sunday School report was sent to the association for the first time. The superintendent was N. Barnett. In 1905 Miss Lillian Stanfield was elected delegate to the Ladies Missionary Society at the general meeting. This is the first record of any ladies missionary organization at Liberty Hill.

In August 1906, J.S. Barnett stated in conference that the school board wanted the church to grant them a tract of land to build a school house on. This request was granted, and the school as named the Liberty Hill School.

The church first adopted the envelop system of contribution in 1908. The first record of both morning and night Sunday services was in July 1909, when it was passed in conference to have both services.

In 1939, the church building was wired for electricity. In 1945 pews were purchased for the church. In 1948 and 1949 Sunday School classrooms were added to the rear of the original sanctuary. 1949 was a year of remodeling. The pulpit was remodeled, and a choir loft was built. A stoop was added to the front of the church. This year also saw the first brotherhood organized. President Glenn Brown, Secretary Clarence Coker, and Treasurer Raymond Floyd.

A total of 35 pastors served LHBC prior to 1955. This was the year that Rev. T. H. Howell was called to pastor the church. For the past 61 years, Liberty Hill has enjoyed 5 pastors.

  • Rev. T.H. Howell served from 1955-1989.
  • Dr. James B. Braddy served from 1990-1995.
  • Dr. Jeffrey A Gongwer served from 1995-2005.
  • Rev. Mike Patterson, 2006-2014.
  • Rev. Chris Harris March 13, 2016- present.

Liberty Hill Baptist has been actively involved in various mission programs of the Southern Baptist Convention.  State mission, North American Missions, and International Missions programs have been supported with weeks of prayer and special offerings.

Church Affiliation with the Georgia Baptist State Convention and the Flint River Baptist Association. Liberty Hill Baptist Church has worked closely with both the State and Associational missions over the years.   We are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.