Who we are

our mission, our vision, our initiatives

Our Mission

At Liberty Hill, we are finding freedom in experiencing God’s love. This means we are on mission together to worship an awesome God, and share His love with those around us.

This mission is best expressed in our Vision and Core Values

Our vision

Our vision is a simple one. We desire to win the lost to Christ. Grow them in their faith, and send them out to win others. We believe the church should be mobile, so our aim is to answer Jesus’ clear call to GO.

Our vision is simply to be the church. This means we love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength and care for one another, encourage and exhort one another and lift each other up in prayer.

Our Core Values

At LHBC we are committed to six primary initiatives:

  • Come, and see what God is doing
  • Connect, in relationship with God and the people of LHBC
  • Grow, in your relationships with God and with others
  • Give, as you harness your resources to the church's mission
  • Serve, both in the church and with the church in the community
  • Go, into all the world to preach the gospel